Talent Management

Our Talent Management approach includes strategies, methods and measures that help us to make sure that the key positions which are critical to our business success are permanently staffed with the right people. 

This means a goal oriented approach to identify talents, to develop, promote and to place them in the right position and finally to bind them to our company.


The most decisive criteria if someone is identified as a talent are the questions of whether the employee has the necessary potential for the key role in our business and whether the person shows the self-motivation and determination to advance their career to the next level.

Within GKN Powder Metallurgy talent management is not a separate process. On the contrary, it is a process that is linked to our company strategy and lots of other activities and tools. It is related to our Leadership Behaviors and it is connected to the organization and succession planning and to the performance development process. Our managers and functional leaders play a key role in talent management.

When an employee has been identified as a talent a focused individual development plan will be agreed. Development activities might be things like feedback, coaching, mentoring, functional and leadership training & e-learning, rotations, temporary assignments, partnerships, project work, independent studies and so on.

All talents and their individual progress is reviewed twice a year and the individual development plans are adjusted accordingly.