Dr. Lars Wimbert on Euro PM2019: Mechanical Properties of a New Class of High Temperature Sintering Alloys

Common powder metallurgy (PM) alloying elements such as molybdenum, nickel and copper have been utilized for many years now, offering a good combination of properties for a reasonable cost under typical PM processing conditions. As the demand is continually increasing for light-weighting of parts with greater mechanical performance, advanced material and processing options will become necessary. The use of high temperature sintering (>1150°C) allows for simultaneous increase of material strength, ductility, and toughness. Through use of next generation alloying elements such as chromium, silicon and vanadium, this study focuses on achievable mechanical properties with increasing sintering temperatures up to 1260°C. The alloys evaluated in this work combine modern alloying elements with well-established additions like Mo and Ni or are even based on very lean Fe-Si-V combinations. This can offer a cost-effective alternative to highly-alloyed powders being on the market today.

Session 18

Alloy development in PM steels

Tuesday 15. October