Dr. Simon Hoeges on Euro PM2019:Strategic partnership of GKN-HP-VW for Binder Additive Manufacturing

With the launch of HP’s new Metal Jet system, Binder Jetting looks like the technology that will help move metal Additive Manufacturing into mainstream mid-high-volume manufacturing. GKN Additive is set to be the first global parts manufacturer to move into mass production with this technology. Claiming to be up to fifty times more productive than comparable AM methods, the launch represents a significant change in the market. The range of volumes at which AM is more economical than traditional processes will increase. In Powder Metallurgy though shaping equipment is only one part of the solution; understanding how to use the new technology and having a sustainable and efficient process chain including powder material and sintering are further vital parts for a success of the technology.

In order to bring all of these pieces together, GKN, HP and Volkswagen partnered in a joint research effort. The partnership’s broad ambition is to challenge conventional manufacturing, remove design barriers and accelerate the adoption of metal Binder Jetting technology - particularly for automotive and industrial applications. With a large footprint in both metal powder and part production, GKN Additive believes that it is its experience and global network that enable new customers to feel comfortable working with innovative technologies.

Session 43

MIM and AM

Wednesday 16. October