How compact designs drive e-motor development

While traditional manufacturers are programmed to believe compact systems require compromise, advancements in powder metallurgy have proven the possibility of smaller packaging for integrated e-motors. Axial flux motors provide a cost-efficient solution for compact e-motor designs with seamless system integrations.

Currently, conventional motor designs are based on two dimensions that are already approaching their technical limitations. Soft magnetic composites open the door to new motor designs. With SMCs, motors can be easily integrated into oil pump applications. 

Why we invested in the technology 

With our longstanding history in the automotive and industrial sectors, we have identified the exact opportunities where powder metallurgy offers unparalleled advantages in cost and size without compromising efficiency. For an integrated e-motor, the design must optimize performance in a compact size for smaller packaging. Powder metallurgy’s ability to reduce size and increase torque density and performance unleashes the potential of these robust e-motor designs.

While we understand the technology capabilities many suppliers offer, manufacturers must select partners with expertise in both system development and serial production to succeed in the complexities of axial flux motors.  Our team’s extensive knowledge and the company’s global breadth allow us to be an all-inclusive partner from concept to production. 

Axial flux motor design advantages

 Axial flux motors are designed as a compact system for smaller packaging, allowing easier integration and overall cost reductions. At GKN Powder Metallurgy, we have bench-marked this industry-changing technology to provide competitive advantages through the full product lifecycle.

  • In-house generation of 3D e-motor designs
  • Dedicated team of resources for development and production
  • Build and testing of prototypes
  • Reduced development cost

Material advancements drive e-motor design

Axial flux motors benefit from the 3D isotropic material characteristics of soft magnetic composites (SMCs). New advancements in SMC materials allow for the design freedom needed to create compact, efficient e-motor systems.

Soft magnetics composite material is the superior alternative to laminations in eMotors.


One of the biggest benefits of SMC material is that each particle is surrounded by an isolation coating (<1um), which enables parts to be isolated in all dimensions from the beginning. Because of this, there is no need for the lamination structure that is required for concentional motor designs. In addition, SMCs have a high electrical resistance, which allows for low eddy-current losses in electromagnetic applications. 

The outcome

A manufacturing partner with superior development capabilities and production expertise will drive the advancements of axial flux motor designs. This SMC-powered solution allows for smaller packaging, which leads to a simple system integration and a cost-efficient solution for electric system manufacturers.

For integrated axial flux motors, GKN Powder Metallurgy offers a one-stop solution for partners: Our experience in development and serial production allow us to dedicate our resources to the technology that will shape the future.