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The new energy storage technology enabling better energy utilization from carbon-free renewables

Hydrogen storage based on metal powder

Different from normal hydrogen vessels the Hy2 tanks are filled with compressed metal powder. When hydrogen is brought to the tanks, it bonds with the metal in a stable and dense way. Without any additional compression, the Hy2 technology reduces size for the same volume of hydrogen, compared to gaseous hydrogen storage.

Store renewable energy locally

The Hy2 storage system is the ideal solution to make better use of locally generated energy from renewables and to become energy self-sufficient.

Seasonal energy buffering

Hydrogen in combination with metal powder results in metal hydride. It is particularly suitable for storing hydrogen for a long time, safely and compactly.

The benefit: With the excess renewable energy from summer, you can store it and reuse it in winter.

Zero emission heat & power supply

The Hy2 systems supply electricity and heat. This increases the overall efficiency of the system without any harmful emissions - only water and oxygen are left behind.

Safe and compact

Metal hydrides are one of the safest technologies to store hydrogen energy over a longer period. They also have a great volumetric density, which allows for a significantly smaller storage size than other energy storage types at the same energy capacity, such as batteries or other gaseous hydrogen storage systems.

Our first hydrogen system realized

From material development...to an entire system.

This house in the alps is not connected to the electrical grid. Electrical power comes from a small water turbine and the GKN Hydrogen system enables reliable energy supply even in the winter months, when the water stream ceases and the turbine can not produce the normal amount of electricity.

Water first, sun and wind next

It is our mission to enable highly effective energy concepts, that are based solely on natural, carbon-free energy resources.

Our system ensures a sustainable energy supply in remote places without access to the public energy grid.

With our pilot project in the alps we have made the first step to demonstrate a huge technological opportunity. We have gained valuable experience using water power and we are now keen to use the same technology for sun or wind. To improve the system, we will make it grow to suit larger housing projects and make it smarter every day.

There could be even more to come, from boats to heavy duty vehicles.

Our engineers are exploring 'the next'.

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