Benefits of Metal Binder Jetting

In metal binder jetting, a liquid binding agent is selectively deposited through inkjet nozzles onto a thin metal powder bed to join these areas together and form a solid part layer by layer. In a second step, this green part is then sintered to achieve its final characteristics.

In recent years, this technology has been rapidly gaining industrial significance and popularity due to its batch production capabilities and the following key benefits.

Key Benefits:

  1. Compared to SLM, Binder Jetting offers a significant cost advantage in the series production of AM parts.

  2. There are no tool costs and associated waiting times - an advantage especially in the case of small and medium-sized series.

  3. The tool-free process reduces the risk of design changes in the development phase and enables the project team to stay within the specified cost and time frame. Time to market is significantly faster.

  4. New ideas can be brought in at short notice at any time.

  5. The binder jetting process can provide sample parts that are largely close to series production in terms of material properties and manufacturing process right from the start. This considerably reduces the risk of rapid prototyping parts from other manufacturing processes.

  6. Mass customization and one-off features: products with a large number of variants can be adapted flexibly and at short notice to customer requirements. This enables a short reaction time to market requirements and considerably reduces the number of items in stock.

  7. Products can be adapted to changing market and customer needs at short notice and at low cost.

  8. Even when a series has ended, products can still be reproduced on demand long after. The models are available in digital form and not subject to tool wear or aging.

  9. No need to stock up on replacement tools over long periods of time.

  10. Binder Jetting supports the essential requirements of Industry 4.0 for agility and flexibility.

  11. Products can have more features with smaller building space and can be designed with intricate internal cavities.

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All these benefits make binder jetting a much more economical choice from an overall perspective than if you would compare only product costs. We help you to fully realize your innovative potential and explore the possibilities of binder jetting design.