Fluidizing in the food & beverage industry

Fluidization is a process where solid particles are blown with gas, often through a porous metal media with sufficient force, to cause the particles to rise and move inside the container. The particles become mixed with one another and with the liquid or gas. Fluidized beds are used in industrial applications, as the process mixture provides a medium for transfer of heat or mass from gas to the solid particles and vice versa.

The onset of fluidization is when the upward flow of gas exerts more force than the downward force of gravity, which causes the solid particles to behave as a fluid. The particles begin to separate from one another and vibrate. If the gas velocity continues to increase, the particles will spread farther and move vigorously. High velocities will send the particles swirling in the container. Thus, fluidization can be fine-tuned to control the gas flowing through the porous metal - providing a range of bed conditions from laminar to turbulent flows. 


The challenge

The particle size, shape and density of the solid particles will change the results of the fluidizing process. The product particle size must be bigger than the pores of the sintered metal. Also, the delta p of the fluidized bed media must be calculated according to customer product load to avoid common problems like “funneling, rat-holing or bridging” of the stored product.


The function

GKN Sinter Metals Filters offers tailor-made designed fluidizing equipment for new and existing systems. Available media of porous bronze, stainless steel and polyethylene offer optimal gas distribution - resulting in mass flow or mixing results. Fluidizing cones, made of sintered metal, are often self-supporting and delivered with required connecting flanges.



Why use GKN Filters?

GKN Sinter Metals Filters is the leading manufacturer of porous sintered metal products. We offer a variety of solutions to fulfill customer requirements. We are familiar with various applications in the medical, food, and chemical industries.

Our products are used in gas- and liquid filtration, dampening, sparging, sensor protection, bulk handling and more applications. We offer solutions for high temperature and corrosive environments. Sintered filter elements made of stainless steels, bronze, nickel based alloys, titanium and special alloys can be manufactured up to 1,600 mm and length and 320 mm OD.