Sparging and gas introduction in the food & beverage industry

GKN sparging equipment and elements are used in applications where gas liquid contacting is required for reaction, stripping, mixing or diffusion purposes. 

Our sparging elements are used for carbonation of soft drinks, edible oils Oxygen stripping, and others. In many applications, we help our customers to maximize process efficiency by recommending and designing the best suitable solution based on a variety of sparger units.


  • Large variety of standard and custom sizes/shapes available
  • Defined and homogeneous gas distribution
  • Application and design support available
  • Materials, mostly 316L SS and 304L SS, that comply with food industry standards
  • Cleanable and reusable materials
  • Sanitary surface finish available where required

The challenge

Stripping oxygen out of edible oils (vegetable oils).

Objective: Reduce costs by extending life cycle of oil

  • Oxidation contributes to rancidity of edible oil
  • Sparging with nitrogen reduces oxygen levels and minimizes oxidation


The function

Oxidation in oils reduces the product's shelf life. Traditionally, oxygen is stripped out of edible oils to protect them and increase shelf life. The old-fashioned process consisted nitrogen being pumped through 1mm drilled holes in pipes, acting as the sparger. Nitrogen bubbles were around 6mm in diameter. This was inefficient, as the larger the bubble, the more time and nitrogen was needed in the process. GKN porous metal sparger elements utilizing a 3 micron nominal pore size to create nitrogen bubbles around 50 to 100 microns. This increases the surface area of the gas in the product 40x (depending on the gas exit velocity). This process saves a significant amount of process time and 40-50 percent of Nitrogen gas usage.

Why GKN Filters?

GKN Sinter Metals Filters is the leading manufacturer of porous sintered metal products. We offer a variety of solutions to fulfill customer requirements. We are familiar with various applications in pharmaceutical, food and beverages, medical, and chemical industries.

Our products are used in gas and liquid filtration, dampening, sparging, sensor protection, bulk handling and more applications. We offer solutions for high temperature and corrosive environments. Sintered filter elements made of stainless steels, bronze, nickel based alloys, titanium and several special alloys can be manufactured seamless up to 1,600 mm and length and 320 mm OD.