Full Assembly OWC Components



As a design solutions partner with global automotive manufacturers, GKN produces One Way Clutch (OWC) components for applications that allow full assembly and functionality. GKN’s Inner and Outer races feature complex PM components adhering to tight tolerances and sensitive geometries. 

GKN’s production process with PM components turn this typically dificult consistent production into an efficient solution. Engineers have worked to understand the challenges with material distortion in sinter-hardening, and the unique features included within components.

 GKN’s technology capabilities within the sinter-hardening process showcase the ideal expertise characteristics in a solutions provider partnership.


  • The clutch includes net-formed locking features on the Pocket and Notch plates, allowing the assembly and function of the OWC components. GKN’s tooling is controlled and monitored at a tight tolerance to produce these features on a consistent basis
  • In-house machining capability of Sinter-hardened material is industry-leading with experience and performance. Knowledge of PM material, machine tooling, and feeds and speeds of set up provide efficient processing
  • GKN partners with customers to improve processing by adjusting designs, allowing for high sintering on the Outer race and tooling improvements to the Inner race

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