GKN's Raveneaux carrier



To deliver high-power torque for the F-250 Super Duty 6R140 transmission, GKN Sinter Metals partnered with Ford to design the Raveneaux Carrier – a five-piece PM assembly.

 The multi-functional component provides the latest technology for producing a carrier, one-way clutch and clutch hub within the same component.  With an end assembly weight of 17 pounds, this is the largest PM part in production.

GKN’s Raveneaux Carrier utilizes its unique capabilities from the PM process, while highlighting the PM ability to tailor components for specific applications. GKN’s PM technology has the ability to develop and design a material, component or process to fit the needs of any customer.


  • Multiple materials are utilized on various levels to allow machining and heat-treating properties. Only GKN’s PM production includes the sinter-brazing process for individual pieces to be assembled so specific materials can be used for necessary components
  • The integrated one-way clutch provides all components as one unit to reduce stack-up. This provides customers with the needed shifting component as a part of the carrier assembly
  • The PM process can produce net-formed lube path features for high pinion speeds, also allowing a sinter-brazed assembly to occur


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