Auxiliary eMotor components



In industries with fierce competition for e-drive applications with high torque, power and efficiency, manufacturers are forced to explore unconventional development opportunities to lead the market. For car, bus and bike applications, range and motor performance are crucial and systems must meet tight space and weight requirements.

To combat these challenges, GKN Powder Metallurgy has developed and validated the transverse flux e-motor (TFM) design with highest torque density in a compact system. The key to this high-power e-motor technology is its 3D design created with soft magnetic composite (SMC) material, enabling a small and cost-efficient system with superior efficiency.


  • Higher torque and longer increased power capability
  • Superior efficiency profile: double the high load efficiency rate from a conventional motor
  • Unique design freedom for flexible packaging and more compact systems
  • Simplified winding technology, enabling a cost-efficient production for a range of quantities
  • GKN Powder Metallurgy’s SMC material selection and advanced press technology capabilities to facilitate complex high dense 3D stator parts

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