The Tombstone camshaft cap



GKN’s net shape PM aluminum technology stretches the boundaries of possibilities with camshaft cap manufacturing. There is no stronger example of GKN’s PM aluminum capabilities than the Tombstone Camshaft Cap, manufactured for the global 2.0L and 2.4L FCA Tigershark Engine program.  As with most camshaft caps, its primary function is retention of the camshaft to the cylinder head for structural support. However, GKN’s cap geometry is unique for conventional PM by incorporating customized features.

This cap design has a raised feature - referred to as the ‘tombstone’ – used as a mounting and sealing location for a vacuum pump that attaches to the end of the camshaft.  The product also features a valve cover placed directly on top of the cap on a controlled sealing surface profile.

The net shape control of the bolt holes, counter bores, face profiles, and cam bore radius limit the need for expensive and wasteful secondary machining operations – previously required for these applications.

GKN’s extensive experience in camshaft caps in the automotive industry demonstrates the product’s ability to evolve with applications, allowing for greater design complexity.  Previously, these products were limited to die casting with extensive secondary machining required. 

By utilizing the cost-effective package of advanced knowledge in materials, geometry and processes, GKN’s Tombstone Camshaft Cap provides PM solutions to address the needs of our global customers in high volume engine applications. 


  • The Tombstone Camshaft Cap is the first PM rear cam cap in production for use in a three-point mating application (cylinder head, valve cover and vacuum pump)
  • The cap’s raised feature – known as the ‘tombstone’ – is used as a mounting and sealing location for a vacuum pump
  • The cap’s net shape pressed features and controlled tolerances eliminate the need for secondary machining operations
  • GKN’s Tombstone Camshaft Cap features integrated channels for liquid gasket sealant

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