G-rotor pump



Common pump designs typically use a mix of different materials. Hence different thermal expansion factors create performance drops during the drive cycle of a vehicle. GKN´s G-Rotor pump overcomes this efficiency issue with a unique "ALL-PM-approach". Only PM steels are used and thus the uniform thermal expansion of components generate excellent hydraulic volumetric efficiency, energy savings and enable for high reduction of CO₂ emissions.

It is perfectly adapted for actuation & cooling application in DCT-, HEV- and EV transmissions but as well in eAWD systems. 


  • Tailor made design according to customer needs
  • Suitable perfectly for lubrication and actuation purposes
  • Longest service life due to high-quality materials
  • PM net shape advantages improve value for money
  • In-house performance and validation testing
  • Improved efficiency due to optimized clearances / reduced CO₂ emissions

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