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GKN offers a very broad selection of available forms, materials and lubricants for the bearings technology. Typical standard geometries for bearings are cylindrical, flanged and sperical bearings. Sintered sliding bearings are available in sintered iron and sintered bronze, designed by GKN's inhouse material development for an optimal customer satisfaction.

In addition to our standard high-quality bearings , GKN Sinter Metals offers innovative solutions for the most demanding bearing challenges of our customers.

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Sintered sliding bearings have various fields of use. Typical automotive applications include bearings for windshield wipers, window mechanisms, seat adjusters, sunroofs and fan motors. They can also be used in a variety of smaller electric motors and household actuators, in the consumer goods industry or in general mechanical engineering applications.

For finding the right solution for you appication demand, you have to consider the type, style, material, locating and maximum static and dynamic loads. We can support you in the selection of the right version, please send a short notice to our technical experts:

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In-laboratory services

For being able to offer custom bearings solutions for nearly any application, we offer in-laboratory services like:

  • Analysis on motors
  • Determination of remaining oil
  • Pore distribution
  • Roughness values
  • Dimension testing
  • Materials
  • Bearing play
  • Shaft properties

Please contact our experts for further information on our in-laboratory services:

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