Cylindrical Bearings



Cylindrical bearings are the simplest and most cost effective design of sintered bearings. They must be pressed in with a mandrel in order to achieve optimum alignment and prevent damage of the gliding surface. Cylindrical bearings are the best choice where little room is available since they require only small space. The outer contour can be specially designed to prevent radial twisting of the bearing. 

Our self-lubricating bearings are impregnated with commercially available lubricants, but can also be supplied with customised special lubricants.  


  • Engineered solutions delivered for shapes, dimensions, materials, and lubricants
  • Highly predictable and reliable performance
  • Specialized shapes available for unique applications
  • Lubricants and materials matched to application requirements
  • In house performance and validation testing 


Cylindrical bearings are assembled in electric motors, particularly if a ball bearing is inserted at the opposite side.

  •   axial guides
  •   motors with small available space

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