Driving the future of smart and sustainable parts for innovative and high performing automotive applications.

Watch Video: Discover Our Automotive Solutions

Watch Video: Discover Our Automotive Solutions

We're driving e-mobility with powerful materials and best-in-class powder metallurgy technology to meet challenging electrification goals without compromise.

Discover our innovative products for electric & hybrid vehicles, as well as body & chassis products for any vehicles with high quality sintered parts and complex additive components for extreme geometries.

Our Applications

Electric systems

Demand is soaring for engineers to design e-drive and mobility applications that deliver high power and torque density and efficiency while creating savings in weight and size. 

To develop robust electric motor designs, manufacturers can leverage our powder metallurgy expertise and advanced technology in Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC) materials. Our expertise drives results in: 

  • Transverse flux motors (TFM)
  • Axial flux motors (AFM)
  • High power density applications
  • High torque density applications
Auxiliary eMotor components


In industries with fierce competition for e-drive applications with high torque, power and efficiency, manufacturers are forced to explore unconventional development opportunities to lead the market. For car, bus and bike applications, range and motor performance are crucial and systems must meet tight space and weight requirements.

To combat these challenges, GKN Powder Metallurgy has developed and validated the transverse flux e-motor (TFM) design with highest torque density in a compact system. The key to this high-power e-motor technology is its 3D design created with soft magnetic composite (SMC) material, enabling a small and cost-efficient system with superior efficiency.


  • Higher torque and longer increased power capability
  • Superior efficiency profile: double the high load efficiency rate from a conventional motor
  • Unique design freedom for flexible packaging and more compact systems
  • Simplified winding technology, enabling a cost-efficient production for a range of quantities
  • GKN Powder Metallurgy’s SMC material selection and advanced press technology capabilities to facilitate complex high dense 3D stator parts
Actuator housing (doors, latches, closures)


Actuator Housings for latch and door systems as sintered structural parts are ideal cores for compact, reliable magnetic coils due to their magnetic properties and high potential for integrated functions.


  • 3D design freedom due to net shape and complex geometry capability
  • Integrated designs enable the combination of magnetic and mechanical functions into single components
  • Engineered for precise assembly
Solenoids (flow valves)


Solenoids are electromagnetic devices that convert electrical energy into linear motion and are commonly used to operate valves, switches, or relays. One key component of most solenoids is the yoke, which forms the magnetic circuit and has additional functions integrated, like guiding the armature or bearing the shaft.

PM technology offers an ideal solution for the design of small, efficient solenoids through a combination of soft magnetic material performance and net shape capability.


  • Multi-step design for integrated functionality
  • Material selection matched to electromagnetic performance requirements
  • Dimensional precision and surface finish
  • Ready to use and assemble


GKN Sinter Metals is a developmental partner of the automotive industry producing the widest range of cutting-edge sintered drivetrain components from metal powder worldwide. Powder Metallurgy offers a variety of process options with specially designed metal powders to meet the increasing demands of the various drivetrain applications. It offers new possibilities in geometry, such as undercuts, ‘green-in-green’ technology or helical gears to innovate gearbox design.

As a design solutions partner with global automotive manufacturers, GKN produces One Way Clutch (OWC) components for applications that allow full assembly and functionality. GKN’s Inner and Outer races feature complex PM components adhering to tight tolerances and sensitive geometries. 

GKN’s production process with PM components turn this typically dificult consistent production into an efficient solution. Engineers have worked to understand the challenges with material distortion in sinter-hardening, and the unique features included within components.

GKN’s technology capabilities within the sinter-hardening process showcase the ideal expertise characteristics in a solutions provider partnership.


  • The clutch includes net-formed locking features on the Pocket and Notch plates, allowing the assembly and function of the OWC components. GKN’s tooling is controlled and monitored at a tight tolerance to produce these features on a consistent basis
  • In-house machining capability of Sinter-hardened material is industry-leading with experience and performance. Knowledge of PM material, machine tooling, and feeds and speeds of set up provide efficient processing
  • GKN partners with customers to improve processing by adjusting designs, allowing for high sintering on the Outer race and tooling improvements to the Inner race
Full Assembly OWC Components

To deliver high-power torque for the F-250 Super Duty 6R140 transmission, GKN Sinter Metals partnered with Ford to design the Raveneaux Carrier – a five-piece PM assembly.

 The multi-functional component provides the latest technology for producing a carrier, one-way clutch and clutch hub within the same component.  With an end assembly weight of 17 pounds, this is the largest PM part in production.

GKN’s Raveneaux Carrier utilizes its unique capabilities from the PM process, while highlighting the PM ability to tailor components for specific applications. GKN’s PM technology has the ability to develop and design a material, component or process to fit the needs of any customer.


  • Multiple materials are utilized on various levels to allow machining and heat-treating properties. Only GKN’s PM production includes the sinter-brazing process for individual pieces to be assembled so specific materials can be used for necessary components
  • The integrated one-way clutch provides all components as one unit to reduce stack-up. This provides customers with the needed shifting component as a part of the carrier assembly
  • The PM process can produce net-formed lube path features for high pinion speeds, also allowing a sinter-brazed assembly to occur
Raveneaux Carrier

Ring gears are one of the main components of the planetary gear set in the starter motor and are typically made from plastic. Within the increasing start-stop technology, gears need to be stronger and more durable to withstand more frequent stress.

Creating the ring gears from powder metal provides a lightweight, high-performing solution, which is more resistant to wear and can achieve tighter tolerances.


  • Low friction surfaces
  • Best net shape tolerances
  • High density & torque performance
  • Custom-tailored tooth spline geometry
Actuation systems/ x-by-wire

At the heart of the differential is a set of four differential gears, also known as bevel gears: Two side gears that connect to the left and right axles and two pinions which transmit torque between the side gears.

The Forged PM technology enables for smaller, high-efficiency differentials with weight savings and superior material performance, especially for eDrive gearboxes and for eDrive AWD power transfer units.


  • Highest torque capacity gears
  • Higher strength to weight ratio
  • Higher load carrying capability
  • Net shape forged PM gear profile, spline and retaining groove
Differential gears

Future electrified powertrains are a huge challenge for gear technology. Very high rpm in electric drives are posing an immense challenge to NVH. In addition, higher torque capacity is needed to reduce space and weight.

GKN's advanced eDrive Gear processing technology combines extreme forming with surface densification technology and offers gear performance comparable to traditionally forged gears with the added benefits of NVH reductions and light weight designs.


  • Design freedom
  • Reduced weight
  • Intelligent density gear body
  • Tailored NVH behavior
eDrive gear


One of the key application areas of Powder Metallurgy in light vehicles are engine products, like valve train components, VVT components, pulleys, sprockets and engine gears. GKN Sinter Metals is developing and manufacturing a broad sprectrum of innovative product solutions with great performance and high quality for smooth and quite running engines.

Tombstone Camshaft Cap

GKN’s net shape PM aluminum technology stretches the boundaries of possibilities with camshaft cap manufacturing. There is no stronger example of GKN’s PM aluminum capabilities than the Tombstone Camshaft Cap, manufactured for the global 2.0L and 2.4L FCA Tigershark Engine program.  As with most camshaft caps, its primary function is retention of the camshaft to the cylinder head for structural support. However, GKN’s cap geometry is unique for conventional PM by incorporating customized features.

This cap design has a raised feature - referred to as the ‘tombstone’ – used as a mounting and sealing location for a vacuum pump that attaches to the end of the camshaft.  The product also features a valve cover placed directly on top of the cap on a controlled sealing surface profile.

The net shape control of the bolt holes, counter bores, face profiles, and cam bore radius limit the need for expensive and wasteful secondary machining operations – previously required for these applications.

GKN’s extensive experience in camshaft caps in the automotive industry demonstrates the product’s ability to evolve with applications, allowing for greater design complexity.  Previously, these products were limited to die casting with extensive secondary machining required. 

By utilizing the cost-effective package of advanced knowledge in materials, geometry and processes, GKN’s Tombstone Camshaft Cap provides PM solutions to address the needs of our global customers in high volume engine applications. 


  • The Tombstone Camshaft Cap is the first PM rear cam cap in production for use in a three-point mating application (cylinder head, valve cover and vacuum pump)
  • The cap’s raised feature – known as the ‘tombstone’ – is used as a mounting and sealing location for a vacuum pump
  • The cap’s net shape pressed features and controlled tolerances eliminate the need for secondary machining operations
  • GKN’s Tombstone Camshaft Cap features integrated channels for liquid gasket sealant
Valve train roller finger follower

The Roller Finger Follower is used in the valve train of passenger cars as part of a cam follower system that is capable of shutting off a cylinder while the engine is running. 

As a very complex shape design with several integrated functions, the PM Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) process technology is the perfect choice giving benefits to the application and customer.


  • High strength and wear resistant materials
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Optimized for minimum friction and valve clearance compensation
WT stator-sprocket

Systems that optimize camshaft or valve timing are of increasing importance for fuel consumption and CO emissions. PM has proven to be an ideal solution for variable valve timing (VVT) components.

For VVT Stators the PM process can facilitate freedom of design and deliver highly precise, complex products.


  • Compact lightweight designs
  • Reduced machining with multi part design
  • Low friction with custom surface geometry

Body & chassis

Powder Metallurgy meets the functional requirements for a large variety of applications for body & chassis. GKN Sinter Metals' product spectrum is highly diverse: From passenger safety components for safety belts to airbags - to stainless steel components for exhaust systems - to Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) systems.

Electric steering motor pulley

Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) systems are rapidly replacing traditional hydraulic assisted systems in automobiles. At the heart of an EPAS system is typically a pair of pulleys that work in concert with a specialized toothed drive belt.

PM technology has proven to be an effective solution for these pulleys.


  • Net shape, optimized tooth profile – matched to belt geometry
  • PM steel is highly durable and wear-resistant
  • Reduced noise compared to solid steel parts
  • Fully automated best in class manufacturing cells
Shock absorber piston (PTFE banded)

GKN has established a leadership position for shock absorber pistons by focusing on delivering effective design solutions and highly reliable high volume manufacturing.

Excellent dimensional precision and surface finish, as well as a material selection matched to performance requirements, are only some of the advantages of the sintered shock absorber pistons.


  • Design freedom due to net shape and complex geometry capability
  • Net shape digressive piston design – no machining required
  • Optional GKN banded piston technology
  • Engineered product – supplied ready to install

Pump systems

Hydraulic pumps are playing a key role in every moving system and are in many cases the superior choice to drive actuation. Today, it is typical for each vehicle to contain up to 10 pumps with different purposes, like vacuum pumps for break assistance or typical oil pumps, like G-Rotor pumps, that support the engine lubrication.

The growing challenges to reduce CO₂ emission is leading generally to re-thinking and re-designing hydraulic vehicle applications. Our target is to develop more efficient hydraulic components that integrate into the major structural vehicle components and create intelligent solutions for combustion engines, transmission and body & chassis applications.

G-rotor pump

Common pump designs typically use a mix of different materials. Hence different thermal expansion factors create performance drops during the drive cycle of a vehicle. GKN´s G-Rotor pump overcomes this efficiency issue with a unique "ALL-PM-approach". Only PM steels are used and thus the uniform thermal expansion of components generate excellent hydraulic volumetric efficiency, energy savings and enable for high reduction of CO₂ emissions.

It is perfectly adapted for actuation & cooling application in DCT-, HEV- and EV transmissions but as well in eAWD systems. 


  • Tailor made design according to customer needs
  • Suitable perfectly for lubrication and actuation purposes
  • Longest service life due to high-quality materials
  • PM net shape advantages improve value for money
  • In-house performance and validation testing
  • Improved efficiency due to optimized clearances / reduced CO₂ emissions
Automotive vacuum pump

Most vehicles with petrol engines use the vacuum created by the engines to boost the response of the braking system. For diesel engines, hybrid vehicles or during the warm up phase of petrol engines, there may be insufficient vacuum created.

Vacuum Pumps are electrically driven systems added to boost or create the needed amount of vacuum under all driving conditions. PM technology has emerged as the premier solution for this application. 


  • Nearest to net shape design
  • Stainless steel material for corrosion resistance
  • Special surface topography achieved by cold sizing process
  • Supplied fully machined and ready to assemble
Variable oil pump

Variable Vane Pumps can be adjusted regarding its output matching the application demands. This allows for improved efficiency and lowers energy consumption.

Due to the complex geometry and requirements for high precision and performance, PM technology has proven to be an ideal manufacturing solution.


  • Nearest to net shape solution, ready to install
  • Excellent surface finish on profiles and end faces
  • Material and hardness matched to performance requirements
  • Improved efficiency / reduced CO₂ emissions
  • In-house performance and validation testing

A history of automotive innovation

We’re proud of our unrivalled automotive experience. As a long-standing trusted partner to automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, our track record of working alongside customers to develop new industry solutions has made us synonymous with innovation.

As the EV market continues to grow exponentially, GKN Powder Metallurgy is ideally positioned to meet the ever-increasing demand for a stable supply of permanent magnets.

Local Supply
Local Supply

Why our smart automotive solutions

We combine our extensive portfolio of materials and technology to develop and manufacture the most efficient metal shape solution for your specific challenge.

Our best-in-class powder metallurgy technology provide the support from concept development to full production capabilities with:

  • Partnership approach
  • Compact, lightweight, and net shape parts
  • Digitization and Industry 4.0
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Global locations and experts dedicated to your needs

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