With a longstanding history in the automotive market, GKN Powder Metallurgy engineers and produces powder metal components to enhance vehicle applications. We combine our extensive portfolio of materials and technology to develop and manufacture the most efficient metal shape solution for a customer’s specific challenge.

As the market moves toward electrification and lightweight vehicles, GKN Powder Metallurgy is your ideal partner for high-performance products that are leading the shift into new technology.

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With the demand for lighter and stronger parts, powder metallurgy is the proven process for fast
and reliable answers for the challenging requirements of the automotive market.

Explore examples of our PM product solutions for …

  • Pump systems (Variable oil pumps and G-Rotor type)
  • Electric systems (EPS steering, electric parking brake, flow valves, actuators, eMotor)
  • Body and Chassis (Sensor and mirror fixtures, shock absorber components, steering adjustments)
  • Engine (VVT & Valve train components, gears, camshaft, Alu cam caps)
  • Transmission/ Drivetrain (Shifting components, carrier, differentials, eDrive gears)

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