Our People

Our people is the key to success in our journey! We live in a digital mindset that seizes the opportunities of the future. Explore your potential with us. 

Why a digital culture? Because it's a win-win.

Technology is evolving with high speed and affects us in every aspect of our lives. Whether in our private environment or at work. As automation, artificial intelligence and the internet of things are revolutionizing the way we interact, it’s all about aligning our working lives with the rest of our day-to-day lives.

We at GKN Powder Metallurgy are already committed to the digital future today - in the interest of our competitiveness as a company, but also for the benefit of our employees. Embracing digitization not only ensures that our business remains optimally positioned on the market, it also means that our people will be supported in preparing for their very own professional future. It's a win-win.


How to live the digital culture?

Digital culture is how we integrate technology into our everyday activities, it's how teams engage, communicate, and work together, it's how we create and build new processes, it’s how we manufacture and deliver products to our customers.  In summary digital culture is “how” we work together.

Our digital solutions in Industry 4.0