Sintered sliding bearings are an indispensable element of machinery and GKN Sinter Metals is an expert in their development and production. Each year, we produce over one billion high-quality bearings for our customers and support our customers in the design and material selection of sintered bearings. With our special-purpose equipment compression molds, furnaces, handling, sizing, deburring and impregnation we can create the best solution for your bearings application. 

Sintered self-lubricating bearings require no maintenance and have almost zero material abrasion. Combined with a high surface quality, strict tolerances and a low sound output, these bearings offer the right solution for you.

Bearing forms and lubricants

In addition to standard geometries such as cylindrical, flanged and sperical bearings, developments in powder metallurgy also enable complex geometries for special-purpose applications. 

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Do you need support in designing your bearings and finding the right material? Explore the bearings possibilities with our online bearings calculator.

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Technical Properties

Our sintered sliding bearings can be manufactured in accordance with the primary DIN, ISO and MPIF standards. 

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