When selecting the best metal material for an application, consideration is given to requirements such as strength, ductility, thermal conductivity and wear resistance. Rather than just matching traditional material types, GKN Powder Metallurgy's process capabilities excel them. Powder metal allows for unique material combinations that cannot be produced with a traditional iron melting furnace process.

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MaterialPowder Metallurgy (PM) Process Technology
Classification Description Conventional Forged MIM* Filters Bearings
Iron & Steel Iron YES YES      
Plain Carbon Steel YES YES YES    
Structural Alloy Steel YES YES YES    
Specialized Alloy Steel YES   YES    
Stainless Steel Austenitic YES   YES YES  
Ferritic YES   YES YES  
Martensitic YES   YES YES  
Precipitation Hardening     YES YES  
Ferrous Soft Magnetic Iron YES   YES    
Alloyed Iron YES   YES    
(P, Si, and Ni)** YES        
Copper-Based Copper YES        
Brass YES     YES  
Bronze YES     YES YES
Diluted Bronze         YES
Aluminium Alloys *** Standard Series
(PM2014, 6061, 7075; PM-AL-14SI)
Thermal Series
Mechanical Strength
Series (MMC-1)

* Metal Injection Moulding
** Several PM alloying methods are utilised: elemental blends, diffusion bonded, fulley alloyed, or combinations of these. 
*** Various alloys are available including 2014 (Al-Cu-Mg-Si), 6061 (Al-Mg-Si-Cu) and 7075 (Al-Zn-Cu-Mg) plus Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) variants.