Sinter Metal Filters

Advanced Filtration Solutions for Demanding Applications

Advanced Filtration Solutions for Demanding Applications

Our porous metal solutions excel in a wide variety of demanding applications, providing sufficient performance to filter products.


GKN SIKA brand products are available in a range of materials. Tailoring design requirements to individual process requirements is easy with the powder metal solution.

Available materials: Stainless Steel (standard 316L), Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Bronze, Titanium, and special alloys on request.

Main properties:

  • Shape stability by self-supporting structure
  • Suitable for high differential pressures
  • Thermal stability up to 950°C
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High permeability and low Dp
  • Defined filtration by exact pore size distribution
  • Filters can be back flushed and cleaned easily
  • Welding and machining are possible

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Gas Filtration
Gas Filtration

We offer multiple product solutions for filtration of hot gases in industrial applications that has operating temperatures routinely exceed 750°C for extended periods of time. These filters most often function in systems equipped with automatic self-cleaning capabilities, and the filter elements must be capable of full regeneration on each cycle. 


Our sparging equipment and elements are used in many applications where gas liquid contacting is required for a reaction: stripping, mixing, or diffusion purposes. In many applications, we help you maximize process efficiency by recommending and designing the best suitable solution based on a large variety of available sparger units.

Liquid filtration
Liquid filtration

We offer custom-designed and self-supporting filter elements down to a filter efficiency of 0.1µm in liquid. The patented metallic membrane, with a dual sandwich design of two sinter connected powder grades, offers excellent cake release and improves flow, compared to conventionally designed filters. For processes that involve a catalyst, the metallic membrane SIKA-R AS is the perfect filter. Our filter elements have a lifetime that exceeds most competing solutions because of the weld free design with a “solid-solid” connection. 


Custom-designed fluidizing equipment for new and existing industrial systems. By tediously controlling filter manufacturing, we are able to ensure optimal gas distribution that results in perfect mass flow or mixing for many different media including bronze, stainless steel and polyethylene. In addition, fluidizing cones made of sintered metal are most often self-supporting, and are delivered with all required connecting flanges.


Porous sinter metal cartridges, often with flow-optimized large area connectors, are used to separate solids from gas streams in various processes.

  • High corrosion resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Unique sinter bonded connector
  • No welding of porous media
Filter Cartridge for Gas Filtration
Gas Filtration

The unique properties of porous sinter metal are used in GKN's sparging equipment for a fine and uniform distribution of gases into liquids.

  • Large variety of standard and custom sizes/shapes available
  • Defined and homogeneous gas distribution
  • Materials mostly 316L SS and 304L SS which comply with food industry standards
  • Cleanable and reusable materials
  • Sanitary surface finish available where required

GKN sparging equipment and elements are used in many applications where gas liquid contacting is required for reaction, stripping, mixing or diffusion purposes. 

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PM Sparger

Porous sinter metal cartridges, often with customized connectors, are used to separate solids from liquids in various processes.

  • High temperature and mechanical resistance
  • Easy and fast discharge
  • Easy installation, aftermarket solutions available
  • Various shapes available

Many chemical reactions are initiated and aided by catalysts of various types. These catalysts are often made of precious metals such as Palladium (Pd/C), Platinum (Pt/C), Rhodium (Rh/C), or Ruthenium (Ru/C).

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Filter Cartridge for Liquid Filtration
Liquid Filtration

Fluidizing is mixing a bulk material with air to change its behavior from a solid into the behavior of a liquid, e.g. for extraction from a storage silo. GKN's porous sinter metal is used to distribute the air into the bulk material.

  • High temperature and mechanical resistance
  • Easy and fast discharge
  • Easy installation and aftermarket solutions
  • Various shapes availabe

Fluidization is a process in which solid particles are blown upward with gas, often through a porous metal media with sufficient force to cause the particles to rise up and move around inside their container.

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PM Discharge Aid

Take complete advantage on creating any mesh possible from non-organic to organic with smooth integration into your applications.

  • Design freedom allowing any complexity
  • Customable pore structures
  • Optimized to reduce pressure while maintaining the flow rate and separation efficiency
  • Easily integrated into any housing
  • Pore sizes from 0,1ym to 500ym available
Metal Mesh Structures
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Our approach is to provide you the best experience through passion for our work, dedication to the project, and a clear focus on the solution.

The properties of the final component depend on the choice of raw material. The wide spectrum of alloys, powder sieving, and material structures offers a variety of products and features.
Sintered filter elements are made of stainless steel, bronze, nickel based alloy, titanium and special alloyed powders or stainless steel fiber felt.

All GKN sintered materials offer a self-supporting structure with high mechanical strength. Seamless layout is possible up to 1,600 mm length and 320 mm OD.
We manufacture various filter grades with specified pore sizes and flow rates in order to have the appropriate solution for your requirements.

Raw Materials

For each geometry, the GKN Engineering team chooses a pressing technique or gravity sintering without previous compaction. 

The metal powder is filled into the appropriate die and compacted. The pore size of the finished product is controlled, selecting the size of the powder and the compaction pressure used to form the part.


Sintering gives the high porous material the shape stability and property of a strong metal component. The compacted part is sintered in specially designed furnaces. Sintering is the fundamental processing step for all powder metal products. 

It is the process of bonding powder particles by fusing them at temperatures below their melting point. After sintering, regardless of micron size, the separate grain structure of the original powdered metal becomes fully interlinked to form a rigid part.


After years of development, the product offers a sintered membrane that combines high permeability and low pressure drop, while retaining all the advantages of sintered metal filters. The metallic AS (ASymmetric) membrane, a layer of extremely fine metal powder, is applied onto a cartridge of coarser porosity as support structure.

A second sintering process produces an even metal coating of approximately 200 ╬╝m thickness bonded to the carrier. Compared to the support, the membrane layer has significantly smaller pore size, so during filtration contaminants are retained on the filter surface. 

AS Coating

Customized design enables GKN filter elements to be used in nearly any new application or as a retrofit in filter systems. The design of sinter-bonded fittings without porous to solid welding seams provides the best corrosion resistance and fatigue strength. 

It is considerably higher when compared to conventional welded constructions. We also manufacture to customer-specified dimensions. Elements larger than our seamless standard types can be welded at our certified in-house welding shop.

Filter Grade Larger than 200 microns
Please visit our team at GKN Additive

Case Study Spotlight: Higher Productivity with Advanced Filter Media

A chemical manufacturer was looking to increase the output of a product line, without exchanging the complete filtration system due to cost issues.


GKN engineering recommended the SIKA-R 3 AS metallic membrane to solve the challenge. Compared to conventional filter media, the AS membrane delivers a 20% higher flow rate and higher output of the filtration system.


With customized design, cartridges are used as a retrofit in almost any filter vessel. The chemical manufacturer was able to increase productivity while maintaining the existing filter system.

This saved the additional costs of vessels, tubesheets, and valves that would have made the project over budget. The SIKA-R 3 AS metallic membrane enabled a quick return of investment for them.


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We are here to support various applications on their strict requirements for metal filters with customizable and innovative designs. We offer a variety of solutions to fulfill your strict requirements. Our products have a long standing history of being commonly used in gas- and liquid filtration, dampening, sparging, sensor protection, bulk handling and many more applications.

  • Industry leading manufacturer of porous sintered metal products
  • Innovative customized designs
  • State-of-the-art porous elements
  • Service from Engineering up to aftermarket support
  • Expertise in various applications in chemical, food, and beverage industries


Your Partner for Sintered Metal Filter Solutions

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