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Werkstudent (w/m/d)

Wir suchen engagierte Studierende die es reizt, neue innovative Technologien kennenzulernen und eigenständig oder im Team Projekte in der Produktion oder im Engineering zu bearbeiten.



  • Studieren, dabei schon erste praktische Erfahrungen sammeln und finanziell unabhängiger werden, wir bieten Dir die Möglichkeiten dazu.



  • Interessante und vielfältige Tätigkeit
  • Hoch motiviertes und engagiertes Team
  • Gutes Betriebsklima
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  • Data privacy and protection

    GKN Powder Metallurgy Limited is dedicated to the responsible and ethical use and management of personal information. We are committed to upholding integrity while safeguarding the personal and confidential information of individuals. GKN Powder Metallurgy is fully committed to complying with data protection regulations applicable in the various countries of its operations.

    Specifically, GKN Powder Metallurgy has established a robust data protection governance framework that extends across its entities situated in the European Economic Area (EEA). This framework is designed to ensure that, to the greatest extent possible, we adhere to the stipulations of the General Data Protection Regulation. This encompasses standardized protocols for the handling of personal data, issuance of privacy notices, formulation of data processor agreements, reinforcement of security during intra-group data transfers and processing activities, maintenance of a data inventory detailing GKN Powder Metallurgy's personal data processing practices, and provision of comprehensive training to our workforce.

    Privacy notifications within the EEA

    In most scenarios, GKN Powder Metallurgy will furnish you with a specific privacy notice that elucidates how your personal information is utilized. The predefined templates for these notices are outlined below. Nevertheless, there might arise situations wherein furnishing a complete privacy notice isn't suitable, and under such circumstances, the pertinent standard privacy notice specified below will be applicable.

    If you consent to the above, sned your application details and cover letter to

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    This notice elucidates the data collection and retention practices pertaining to you, as well as the actions we intend to undertake with said information. Furthermore, it outlines your entitlements and provides contact details for inquiries regarding this notification.

    1. Who oversees data control?

    GKN Powder Metallurgy Limited, referred to as "The Company," is responsible for managing the personal data you provide for the purpose of your job application. If you submitted your personal data on the careers section of the website, GKN Powder Metallurgy Limited will also hold the role of a controller. In the context of this notice, "GKN Powder Metallurgy" encompasses the Company and its Affiliates, collectively constituting the GKN Powder Metallurgy enterprise, under any nomenclature or structure adopted at any given time. Here, an "Affiliate" denotes a company that directly or indirectly exercises control over, is controlled by, or shares common control with the Company.

    2. What personal data do we gather and how?

    You might furnish us with information necessary for your prospective employment, assessing your suitability for a position, efficient business operation, adherence to legal and regulatory obligations, and communication with regulatory or governmental authorities. Information from background checks, screening processes, current or former employers, or regulatory authorities may also be received. This information could encompass your curriculum vitae (CV), employment history, qualifications, and details from your application form, including your name, address, contact numbers, email addresses, birthdate, and gender. It could also encompass data provided during interviews or assessment processes.

    3. How will we handle your personal data?

    We acquire and uphold personal data related to you for the following objectives:

    • Business necessity, including job title and contact particulars.

    • Evaluation, consideration, and processing of any job application you submit for opportunities within GKN Powder Metallurgy, whether through the website or alternative avenues.

    • Contacting you about other job openings or prospects within GKN Powder Metallurgy that align with your interests.

    • Monitoring the overall interest in job openings and opportunities, conducting relevant analyses.

    Processing your personal data is warranted by our legitimate business interests and commitment to fulfilling legal and regulatory obligations. If we process your data solely on these grounds, you retain the right to object. Nonetheless, we aren't obligated to cease processing your data if compelling reasons outweigh your interests or if processing is vital for legal claims. Should you have objections, kindly communicate with the noted hiring team. Data may also be processed to prepare for a potential contractual arrangement or due to a legal obligation. In such instances, the right to object might not apply.

    4. What are our collection obligations and your provision obligations?

    By law, we are required to collect and process specific information about you, such as your eligibility to work in specific countries. While you are generally not obliged to share personal information, not providing requested data in some cases might hinder the continuation of your application.