3D printed Plastic Components with Multi Jet Fusion

Why Multi Jet Fusion

Manufacturing smaller plastic components in high-volume quantities is costly, especially when complex geometries like internal channels or mass-customized designs are required. 

HP's Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology leverages decades of 2D printing leadership and has changed the world of 3D printing. MJF is the most scalable plastic 3D printing process offering the highest efficiency: Functional and resilient parts can be manufactured with extremely short lead times.

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Take your product into serial production

With more than 30 MJF printers in operation, GKN Additive is one of the world’s largest experts in high volume production.

In 2020 GKN Powder Metallurgy acquired Forecast 3D, the largest MJF service provider in the world, to push the boundaries in plastic mass production. As your industrial partner, we support you in developing both new and serial production parts.

We guide you as you deploy Design for Additive from concept to final production with a high level of individualization. By providing engineering support, we create new design options that improve performance and efficiency or reduce weight.

Industrial 3D printing at scale

A common misconception of 3D printing’s capabilities is the restriction to low-series, prototype capacity.

FORECAST 3D, a GKN Powder Metallurgy company, reached the production milestone over 1 million 3D printed nasal swabs in June 2020. 

FORECAST 3D can mass produce up to 100,000 swabs for COVID-19 test kits per day with Multi Jet Fusion using its fleet of industrial-grade HP Jet Fusion 3D printing systems.

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How we unlock AM benefits for you

GKN Additive is your partner for industrial grade additive manufacturing. Seize new business opportunities and accelerate your development process for new products by collaborating with us.

  1. Freedom and flexibility through capacity: We cost-efficiently scale AM to serve low to high-volume needs​
  2. Operational efficiency: We provide certified systems, certified materials and qualified processes to improve your cost and quality
  3. 25+ years of engineering know-how, application understanding and experience in polymers to transition your component design to MJF
Benefits of our global print network

With our R&D and 3D manufacturing locations across Europe, North America, and Asia, we help you scale products effortlessly. The flexibility of our global manufacturing network reduces logistic expenses and increases stability.

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