Prototyping with metal AM laser technology

Value to our customers

Turning great ideas into successful products, that is the mission of our customers.

With prototypes made by Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), we enable you to receive functional and resilient prototypes within a very short lead time of two weeks. This enables you to test factors such as usability, ergonomics, manufacturability and materials. Thereby, you can adapt the function and the design of your components at an early stage in the development process. This saves costs and minimizes the investment risk of your company. Some of the values for our customers are:

  • Full design freedom
  • Quick time to market
  • No tooling investment
  • The whole 3D printing value chain

Issues with traditional prototyping

Conventional prototype management reaches its limits in today’s engineering development cycles.

In conventional prototyping, there are often problems caused by long waiting times, for example due to bureaucracy or the development of necessary tools. Metal 3 d printing gives you the possibility to Substitute net shape and complex geometries from conventional manufacturing technologies without tooling costs and an improved time to market.



We speed up the process by:

  • Global print network with local support
  • Immediate printability check
  • Instant response time and low administrative effort due to Virtual Storefront or individually tailored frame contracts

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We ensure standards by:

  • Global Printnetwork with standardized parameters
  • IATF 16949 & ISO 9001 certificates
  • Topology optimization & Fatigue analysis
Data Safety

Data Safety

We guarantee data safety by:

  • Direct digital connected customer/ GKN systems
  • All data is stored on premise (no cloud/ external storage locations)


We support you by:

  • Contribute to the customer's design process, incl. recommendation of material selection
  • Experience Days: Identify AM value in the product development (Technology Pitch, Pain points, Cost estimation)

GKN AM production examples

For several years now, GKN Powder Metallurgy has been constantly producing prototypes for various areas of application, such as the automotive industry or medical technology.

GKN is supporting engineers in transmission development with prototypes made by Direct Metal Laser Sintering in order to achieve the optimum result for the customer in the shortest possible time. Based on the experience within the automotive industry, GKN has always been able to satisfy the high demands of its customers and in some cases even exceeded their expectations.

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