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High Quality Parts Begin With High Quality Materials

High Quality Parts Begin With High Quality Materials

From raw materials to full in-house testing to production, discover advanced powder metal technology for complex and precise designs.

We bring together our global manufacturing capability, comprehensive steel powder portfolio, and innovative technologies to develop and tailor solutions that meet your needs.


As the industry evolves, we evolve with it. From mass powder production to large scale standard materials, we develop new alloy systems and customized powder-premixing technologies to meet demands for higher performance and complex geometries.


We offer complete in-house services for all our materials at any time. These services are included and available to help you achieve and meet specific needs on a sample or finished part.

We’re here every step of the way to solve challenges, streamline processes, and meet performance requirements with complete transparency and support.

  • Powder evaluation
  • Chemical testing
  • Printing service
  • Physical testing service


Dynamic technologies improving strength, density, and PM processing. The engineered solutions are developed for higher density parts, greater production efficiencies, higher part-to-part consistency, better dimensional control and soft magnetic performance.



ANCORBOND™ is a chemical bonding treatment of premixes that provides superior powder flow with reduced additive segregation, enabling greater depths of fill during compaction and the potential for higher compaction rates because of the enhanced flow. The greater alloying homogeneity of the powder premix offers reduced dimensional variation after sintering because of the diminished alloy segregation within any given lot. Continuous improvements to ANCORBOND yielded higher part densities and an ability to "chemically bond" greater concentrations of graphite and other fine particle additions.

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AncorLube LV

AncorLube LV

AncorLube LV is a premier lubricant solution for high lubricity, improved compaction, and extended tool life. AncorLube LV provides superior lubricity to all other common admixed PM lubricants with no need for specialized or heated tooling, while still maintaining clean burn-out and reduced environmental impact (metallic stearate free). Parts can be produced with excellent green strength and better surface finish with no negative impact on mechanical properties of sintered parts. The highly lubricious nature of the lubricant also allows it to be used at lower additions, allowing for parts compacted to greater green and sintered densities.

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GKN Hoeganaes offers a die heat only premix alternative. The material referred to as AncorMax®200 utilizes dies heated to ~95 °C with no powder preheat. Benefits of this material include enhanced powder flow and higher part densities without the need to preheat both the die and powder. Certain limitations regarding part size and geometry exist; however, this premix alternative has proven successful in numerous applications. Engineered binder treated premixes for higher density and part performance.

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AncorCut® is a new machining system. It has been developed with improved stability and can therefore compliment MnS for use in powder metallurgical steels. AncorCut has a positive effect on tool wear and the benefits have been validated through turning tests with different materials. 

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Soft Magnetics

Soft Magnetics

GKN Hoeganaes' iron powders are magnetic, which opens the door to many applications. From simple magnets, to induction heating of plastics, photocopy developers to seed separation, Hoeganaes' iron powders can be used in a wide variety of applications. Those made from the phosphorus alloys have higher resistivity, permeability and induction, and reduced coercive force. The presence of phosphorus also decreases the susceptibility of a P/M component to nitrogen aging. Components made from the phosphorus alloys exhibit a good combination of tensile strength, ductility, and impact absorption energy.


A high performance insulated particle material suitable for a variety of soft magnetic applications that require low core losses. Specific applications include ignition system components, electric motor components, solenoids, and inductors.​

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Sinter Brazing

Sinter Brazing

Ancorbraze® 72 is the premiere sinterbraze material for the joining of ferrous PM parts to each other, or ferrous PM parts to wrought substrates. Successful brazing can be done in the green or sintered condition. The chemical composition of the Ancorbraze 72 material – which can be utilized in the "as-atomized" or fluxed forms — effectively limits the penetration of the braze compound to the area immediately adjoining the desired interface. Each brazing application has unique characteristics due to variations in part composition and processing/sintering parameters. The typical Ultimate Tensile Strength of a brazed joint is 55,000 – 60,000 psi.

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Enhanced Ferrophosphorus

Enhanced Ferrophosphorus

Hoeganaes Corporation offers a surface-engineered additive, enhanced ferrophosphorus, which substantially improves tool life and part quality, while minimizing part scoring on phosphorus-containing parts, such as MPIF grade FY-4500. This enhanced ferrophosphorus additive also reduces/eliminates compaction defects such as pull-out, picking, chipping, and cracking without negatively impacting powder, green, sintered, or magnetic properties.

Enhanced Ferrophosphorus

High Performance Metal Powders Portfolio

Developed with performance in mind. Our steel powders are designed for optimal results in structural components.


Advanced material solutions developed for digital manufacturing of 3D printed parts in prototypes, medium series, and the aftermarket.

Stainless steels:

Stainless Steels
Stainless Steels: Particle sizes and atomization techniques at a glance

Low alloy steels:

Other steels:

Iron Alloys
Iron Alloys: Particle sizes and atomization techniques at a glance

Nickel Alloys:

Nickel Alloys
Nickel Alloys: Particle sizes and atomization techniques at a glance

Aluminum Alloys:

Aluminum Alloys
Aluminum Alloys: Particle sizes and atomization techniques at a glance

Copper Alloys:

Copper Alloys
Copper Alloys: Particle sizes and atomization techniques at a glance

Dual phase Alloys:

Dual Phase Alloys
Dual Phase Alloys: Particle size for DPLA is offered in 15-53 um & FSLA is <25 um.

We provide support for materials development and have the capability to tailor powder blends and pre-alloyed materials to fit your needs. 

Equipped with R&D atomizers and lab furnaces to produce gas- and water-atomized metal powders, GKN Hoeganaes develops materials through various channels to meet customer specifications. Customized powder can be produced on these scales to help develop material properties for precise applications.

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Custom Alloys
Operating as a direct supplier makes us capable of offering small and production-sized custom powder batches.
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We’re pushing the boundaries of what PM can do. Let’s explore the best-in-class technology capabilities and discover what we can help you achieve.

Atomization Techniques for Additive Manufacturing

We provides atomized metal powder for high quality and precision AM solutions.

Custom alloys are available in all processing techniques upon request.

  • Method uses low- and high-pressure water to atomize very irregular powder/ typically used for press & sinter
  • High solidification rate yielding irregular powder
  • Most suitable for less reactive metals - steel, stainless, copper
  • High scalability (several hundred thousand tons per year)
  • Higher throughput & lower cost

Materials: SS, Fe alloys

  • High-pressure Inert Argon or Nitrogen for atomizing
  • Lower solidification rate yielding spherical powder
  • Most suitable for more reactive metals & alloys
  • Lower scalability (up to a few thousand tons per year)
  • Limited throughput & higher value

Materials: SS, Fe, Al, Ni alloys

Inert Gas
  • Very high purity, spherical powder
  • High-pressure Inert Argon for atomizing
  • Most suitable for reactive metals & alloys
  • Lower scalability (up to a few thousand tons per year)
  • Limited throughput & higher value

Materials: Ti, Al alloys

Electrode Induction (EIGA)
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