Explore 3D Metal Binder Jetting – Our Business Case Challenge for Your Serial Production

Join our business case challenge!

Explore 3D Metal Binder Jetting: Our Business Case Challenge for Your Serial Production

  • Are traditional manufacturing technologies keeping your from adopting new technologies?
  • Do you imagine a design that might only be achieved with 3D metal binder jetting?

If that’s you, get in touch and join our business case challenge!

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Our unique strengths and advantages

We bring our expertise as a global market leader in sintered metal components and industrial manufacturing into metal binder jetting.

Metal Binder Jetting is a process for the series production of AM parts. As the global market leader for sintered metal components, GKN can fully leverage its industrial manufacturing capabilities for the binder jetting process.

This includes the entire spectrum from product development to supply chain and quality assurance according to automotive and industry standards, including common certifications.

More strengths and advantages

Which business cases can profit most?

We are looking for business cases with a collaborative product development, designed to utilize the specific technical and economic benefits of metal binder jetting in series production.

Ideal customers
Ideal customers
  • Innovative market leaders and hidden champions
  • Any industries, no special target markets
  • Companies hitting a wall with their current technologies such as metal injection molding, investment casting, complex machining, or SLM
Ideal Projects
Ideal Projects
  • Newly designed parts
  • Medium to large serial production of parts
  • Possible project ideas: medium distribution, bionic parts, mass customization, search for new functionalities, not yet fully defined part design
Ideal Parts
Ideal Parts
  • Undercuts and inner cavities
  • MIM-like complexity at a weight range above MIM (100g) and up to 1000g
  • Steel and stainless steel
  • Small, delicate geometries or larger, complex components with complicated assembly
  • Aim to achieve better resolution of details than fine casting

Our development process

Based on our many years of experience in project management and in partnership with HP, we help you to realize your ideas from the initial concept stage to industrial series production.

Our standard product development process is a robust, iterative serial production process with several optimization loops.

By analyzing and understanding the needs of your application, we work with you in iterative loops to develop a function- and cost-optimized design. We can provide near-series prototypes at short notice, even at an early project stage, and always react flexibly to your adaptation requests in development.


Our development process

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