Dry Bushings



Traditional PM oil impregnated self lubricating bearings rely on the creation a sustainable oil film during operation. For applications that do not rotate continuously, or for environments where liquid lubricants are nor acceptable, bearings that depend on solid lubricants such as graphite, MoS2, or PTFE offer an alternate solution.

When combined with the established capabilities of PM bearings, solid lubricants deliver enhanced performance to meet demanding applications.


  • Design freedom due to net shape PM capability
  • Uniform solid lubricant distribution – not only on surface
  • Maintenance free
  • Dimensionally precise with excellent surface finish
  • In house performance and validation testing
  • Best performance already at low rpm's
  • No additional oil needed
  • Low costs


Dry bushings are mostly used in the following applications: 

  • Very low speed, intermittent, or oscillating applications
  • High or low temperature applications
  • Bronze, Iron, and specialized materials
  • Tight tolerances feasible

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