Flange Bearings



Flange bearings differ from cylindrical bearings due to the flange at one end. The flange serves as a stop gauge in assembly and, in certain cases, as an enlarged shoulder for axial load. This shape of bearing also requires the help of a fitting pin when press-fitted.

GKN has a long history with these products, and significant capability to develop optimized solutions for even the most challenging applications.

Our self-lubricating bearings are impregnated with commercially available lubricants, but can also be supplied with customised special lubricants.


  • They are suitable for higher axial load
  • Specialized shapes available for unique applications
  • The outer contour can be specially designed to prevent radial twisting of the bearing. This technique is often applied when the bushing is overmoulded with plastics (e.g. in deflection pulleys).


Flange bearings are used in electric motors that are subject to axial loading.

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