Spherical Bearings



Bearings of this type offer the performance and maintenance- free characteristics needed for applications such as electric motors. The outer contour can be specially designed to prevent radial twisting of the bearing. The torque for deflection is minimised with this design, therefore the bearing aligns itself easily with the shaft. Another special design is the calotte with a cylindrical attachment. The cylindrical portion is used as a spacer.  

Our self-lubricating bearings are impregnated with commercially available lubricants, but can also be supplied with customised special lubricants. 


  • Spherical bearings guarantee self-alignment of the bore
  • The boss serves mainly as a distance piece in intermediate spacing.
  • Engineered solutions delivered for shapes, dimensions, materials, and lubricants
  • The assembling is easy without use of a fitting pin. The assembling needs a spring or clamping device 


Spherical bearings are used in any kind of electric motors. 

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